Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Festivities and Other Stuff

(Lisa's family)

This Tuesday, the remainder of Lisa's family (read: Lisa's mom and sister) drove out here from California. As aforementioned, her dad has been fixing her cousin's roof up in Salt Lake, so for Thanksgiving we had turkey, family, and all the trimmings, followed by a few bites and pie (and, not of...ask Lisa for an explanation) at another cousin's place.

Clockwise spiral: Olives, rolls, coleslaw, turkey, cranberry sauce,
almonds, candied yams, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole,
broccoli, stuffing, gravy, butter, Martinelli's, salt and pepper

(Sample plate)

(Lisa: "Time to eat at last!")

(Pouring Martinelli's)

(Morgan pouring A&W cream soda)

(Lisa's mom)

(Lisa's dad)

(Lisa's dad: "No turkey!?")

(Feasting frenzy)

Lisa also had the opportunity to try on several wedding gowns. If some loyal reader is willing to donate $900, please contact us to make a bride's dream come true...or they can reimburse me for my much cheaper suit I bought the same week...

(Evidence of her meager income: a diet of ice cubes)

We also had some photos taken for wedding invitations. All credit for the shots goes to Lisa's sister, Morgan, along with the probable wrinkle-removal and other modifications she'll do in PhotoShop. Remind me to make her promise to leave my head in, though...

(Lisa's look of...adoration?)

(Turkey Bowl substitute)

(Attack of the ducks!)

Last but not least, below are some of our favorites. Happy Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) to all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Life as an Engaged Couple

For only being engaged a week and a couple days, we've surprisingly accomplished quite a bit! Last Friday night, Thomas and I sat down to discuss wedding stuff. We set a date and compiled address lists for our invitees. On Saturday, we scheduled my endowment and our sealing with the Sacramento temple. Since then we've been chasing down missing addresses. We've also come up with a to-do list for ourselves.

(Sacramento Temple)

On Saturday night we went to a BYU production of the musical "Children of Eden" thanks to a friend of my roommate who gave us some tickets. It's based on the first 9 chapters of Genesis. While not quite doctrinally correct, it did offer some new perspectives on a few things and was very entertaining. You can find more information about the play here.

On Sunday I had the pleasure of announcing our engagement in my ward. The first counselor in my bishopric gave me a big hug when I told him :o) I also got to tell the Relief Society during our meeting. Interestingly, a temple prep class began just last week so I get to go to that now instead of the regular Sunday School class.

My dad's apparently coming to Utah today to help fix my cousin's roof. It'll be fun to see him while he's here!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can't forget the photos!

Lisa's the one with words...the last (or was that the first?) post quite adequately describes what's happening. But the treat of coming to our blog is seeing photos like:

(Lisa talking to her mom on the phone)

(Lisa's engagement ring)

In more exciting news, Lisa got a new phone. Same number, so no need to panic. I went deaf for a bit, perhaps to be cured by blaring brass sections of the Cougar Marching Band. Oh, and Lisa got a new computer cord a bit back.

I've run out of things to say, so go read Lisa's post.


Our First Blog Post!

Well, now that Thomas and I are engaged, we figured it'd be fun to set up our very own blog to keep everyone up-to-date with the things that are going on in our lives!

We hope our readers will stop by often to check out new photos we post as well as thoughts and ideas and updates. We're also setting up a blog for our favorite recipes. It can be found here. We like to eat and cook and thought it'd be a great idea to keep track of our successes and failures online!

So far as news goes, this week we're coming to terms with the NEW level of commitment we've reached in our relationship! We both knew it was heading in this direction and now we've got a lot of work to do! It's fun to call him my "fiancé" and seriously think about wedding plans (luckily I've stocked up on wedding magazines and books in the last couple of months...). We're looking forward to a spring wedding in the Sacramento, California temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Anyway, I'd better go spend time with my groom-to-be!