Monday, October 27, 2014


Perhaps you were sly, and caught it in our September post, but we suspect you might have missed it.

We are absolutely over the moon about this!

After 4 1/2 years of marriage...

...2 years of infertility...

...suspected hormone issues...

...losing 30 lbs...

...a cabinet full of prescriptions...

...4 different doctors...

...completing the C25K running program -- twice...

...lots of blood & lab work...

...even more tears & frustration... HSG... consultation with a fertility clinic... official diagnosis of "unexplained infertility"... closely monitored cycle of COH+IUI...

...and unnumbered prayers...

...we are finally expecting! Baby Bradshaw is due in March 2015.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

September 2014

September was a good month! The weather started to turn more autumn-like & we got a fair amount of rain. We had a couple of "weird" Sundays (stake conference & a temple dedication) that convinced us we could get used to just 2 hours of church at 10 AM. We also got to enjoy harvest a little.

We went to a u-pick raspberry patch south of Provo (you can see the Payson temple if you look closely at the next picture, taken just around the corner from where we picked berries):

About 5 lbs of raspberries!
We went to a Bradshaw wedding:

We saw Sterling's band at their 9/11 memorial performance:

Sterling's family allowed us to glean their peach trees. We processed about 30 lbs of peaches (with the help of our canner, purchased that weekend!):

Coincidentally, we also announced to our families that our own little "peach" will be here in March.

We bottled 8 pints of peach halves and 10 pints of peach jam, froze a few pounds of peach slices, and used the remaining fruit for 2 9*13 pans of peach crisp!

We spent the following weekend up at the cabin, with a family from the ward joining us for one night & a day trip to Cascade Springs:

We decided mid-September is the ideal time for the cabin. The surrounding trees were turning their fall colors, the nights were cool, we got a day of sunshine and one of rain... it was really beautiful and the perfect start to autumn.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

August 2014

August was a bit crazy for us. Between visits from Thomas' dad, a summer party I was in charge of for work, etc., it seemed like we were always up to something!

We went to our ward campout:

The highlight, of course, was our trip to California when my sister came home from her mission.

My aunt, cousin & cousin's daughters picked us up from the airport. We got to play with my aunt's dog and it was a joy to spend time with these relatives I don't get to see very often!

The next day, we and my aunt went to a different airport to greet Morgan when she arrived:

That weekend, among other things, we had a special surprise homecoming/birthday party for Morgan:

Thomas & I got to spend an afternoon with Lanessa, hiking around Coloma:

After which we met my family at their ward luau:

We were finally able to go back to the Sacramento temple together (for the first time since our wedding!):

...which was a miracle in itself. The temple had been closed for cleaning/maintenance about 2 weeks prior to our visit (other visits we've made have landed us right in that window). The day of, we decided we had to arrive at a certain time for a certain session due to a commitment later in the day. We were running behind, but arrived with enough time to make the session. After dressing, we were informed we might have to wait for the next session because that one was so full (which would mean not being able to stay)! Miraculously, everything ended up working out. We were able to attend that (extremely full) session and get out in time for the later appointment.

All told, it was a great visit and fun to have Morgan home.


Monday, October 13, 2014

July 2014

July was a very full month for us.

We started off with a neighborhood Independence Day block party on the 3rd. Thomas invited a friend from work and his family, and we grilled hot dogs together and enjoyed the company of our neighbors and the early-evening festivities.

On the 4th, rather than stay downtown amidst the hullabaloo that is the parade (etc.) in Provo, we left home around 7 AM to hike Y Mountain in the relative cool of the morning. We'd hiked the Y before, but this was our first time going all the way up, around the east side of the mountain, and finally to the overlook at the top. It was a challenging, steep hike, but we thoroughly enjoyed getting out in quiet, quiet nature. The greenery and wildflowers were so refreshing! Ultimately, when we made it back down the mountain, we were utterly exhausted. After some rest, we went out for Orange Julius at the mall and window-shopped a while.

On the 12th, we drove up to Salt Lake area for dinner at the Clarks'. What a cute, fun family!

On the weekend of the 19th (you know, just after Bastille Day), we took a trip up to Logan. We stayed the night Friday, and then on Saturday we attended the temple and then saw Les Miserables at the Eccles Theater.

On Pioneer Day, the 24th, we participated in the Temple-to-Temple 5K (and I beat my time from last year!). Then, in the afternoon, we packed up the car to drive to Boise to visit Elizabeth & co. for the weekend.

Pioneer Day activity!