Sunday, March 21, 2010

It Is (About) Time week, here we come. As apparent by the lack of frequent (i.e. weekly) posts, we've been quite busy. Lisa has been working full-time and Thomas has been working feverishly to get ahead of schedule to make up for the future missage of school...among other things, here's a list of events in order of memory recall:

  1. Both Lisa's and Thomas' dads came to visit, drop off stuff from home, and we got to eat with each of them (but we only got a picture with Thomas' dad)
  2. We moved much of our extra stuff into the new place
  3. Thomas' dad gave a presentation at the BYU Studies Symposium and we got a meal out of it
  4. We went to BYU Dancesport
  5. We moved a horde of furniture from Salt Lake City down to the new place
  6. We went to a dance lab
  7. Lisa had a bridal shower
  8. Thomas' roommate played twice at the BYU basketball game in Oklahoma City and didn't miss a single shot either game
  9. We passed our waltz final
  10. We had marvelous weather and are going to take a walk now

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Busy Final Weeks

Not much time to write - I'm at work, on my lunch break! But I thought I'd give a short update until we can put together a real post.

Life's really busy; we're wrapping up final wedding details. We're very blessed and feel very grateful for the many people who are helping us put everything together.

On Monday, we'll be able to start moving things into our new place! Both of our dads are in Utah right now so we'll get to see them. Both brought us various things from our respective homes. It feels as though we might start out with too much stuff in our tiny apartment! But then again, it's much bigger than a couple other ones we looked at.

We've got a busy weekend ahead of us but there will likely be some good photo- and blogging opportunities....