Sunday, March 21, 2010

It Is (About) Time week, here we come. As apparent by the lack of frequent (i.e. weekly) posts, we've been quite busy. Lisa has been working full-time and Thomas has been working feverishly to get ahead of schedule to make up for the future missage of school...among other things, here's a list of events in order of memory recall:

  1. Both Lisa's and Thomas' dads came to visit, drop off stuff from home, and we got to eat with each of them (but we only got a picture with Thomas' dad)
  2. We moved much of our extra stuff into the new place
  3. Thomas' dad gave a presentation at the BYU Studies Symposium and we got a meal out of it
  4. We went to BYU Dancesport
  5. We moved a horde of furniture from Salt Lake City down to the new place
  6. We went to a dance lab
  7. Lisa had a bridal shower
  8. Thomas' roommate played twice at the BYU basketball game in Oklahoma City and didn't miss a single shot either game
  9. We passed our waltz final
  10. We had marvelous weather and are going to take a walk now

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