Saturday, April 3, 2010

Today's our one-week anniversary!

We've officially been married for a week now, and married life is treating us both very well. As you'll surely understand, we've been pretty busy, so we're sorry for the lack of posts but we've got good excuses :o)

There's a lot to write about, so we're going to split this up into a couple of posts. For now, we'll tell you about our wedding week.

On the Monday prior to our wedding, we got to pick up Thomas' cousin, Sarah, from the Salt Lake City airport. I had the opportunity to meet her last summer, and very much enjoyed seeing her again! We're so glad she was able to come out for our wedding.

The following couple of days are pretty much a blur; Thomas and I both worked (and he attended classes). Wednesday afternoon/evening, we (Thomas, his dad Jeff, Sarah, my now former roommate Megan, and I) frantically packed (I was probably the most frantic - thanks to Sarah my to-do list was completed!) and prepared for our drive to California.

Thursday, the 25th, I celebrated my 21st birthday. Honestly, my birthday had been pushed to the back of my mind, but when my alarm went off at 3:30 that morning (only because we were planning to leave around 4 AM), Sarah and another now former roommate, Ashley, burst into my bedroom with a large slice of chocolate cake (trick candles included) singing "Happy Birthday"! It was such a fun surprise, and even though I was mostly asleep it made for quite a memorable birthday. I can't wait to try out my new Swedish measuring utensils when I make the Swedish meatballs for which Sarah gave me the recipe!!

We were on the road around 4:30 that morning. Highlights of the trip include:
*Thomas & I finishing reading Le Livre de Mormon
*stopping for birthday lunch at In-n-Out in Reno
*seeing a truck back into a car at a gas station
*making it to Lake Tahoe - that beautiful blue water is such a welcome sight after miles and miles of Nevada desert!

(L to R: Jeff, Sarah, Megan, Lisa, Thomas at In-n-Out)

(Lisa and Thomas at Lake Tahoe)

That evening, Thomas' side met up in Sacramento and stayed at a house they rented for the weekend. Megan and I stayed with my family. We enjoyed attending a bridal shower thrown by the Salyers, some long-time friends in my family's ward. I had a great time seeing friends I hadn't seen for a while, and hearing letters and stories written for me using various brand names of products sitting out on a table (for example: Bounce dryer sheets, Good & Plenty candy, Sunkist orange soda... fun game!)

Unfortunately, it is getting late, so for the rest of our update you'll have to visit later.



  1. thanks for the post:) Sad I missed the bridal shower! Lovely wedding :)))

  2. Thanks for coming! There'll be a few more posts over the next few days...

  3. Congratulations! I like you.