Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meeting our Neighbors and some other Items of News

Before writing about the topics mentioned in the title, I'd like to pay tribute to my grandmother, Lillie Lee. She passed away earlier this month at the age of 92. I was unable to attend the funeral, held in Sacramento, but I've had the opportunity to think about some wonderful blessings I've been given. Firstly, because of Lillie, I have my mother. My relatives (especially my mom) always talk about how their friends wished Lillie was their mom - she was kind and welcoming to everyone. Even though because of my grandma's age I didn't get to see a lot of this in her, I know this of her through my mother's example. Next, due to various strange circumstances last summer, I was able to spend a lot of time with and caring for my grandma. This gave me a special opportunity to serve her in ways I'd never served her before and even though it was extremely difficult, I am grateful for the experience. Finally, I am so grateful that grandma was able to attend our wedding reception and to be at the temple to take pictures after our sealing. Due to health concerns there was the possibility that she wouldn't be able to come, but somehow everything - including the timing - worked out. It's sad to see her go, but I'm grateful for the long and productive life she lived and for the beautiful blessings that have come into my life through her. I'm also so thankful to have a strong testimony of the Plan of Salvation. I know that someday, I will see my grandma again.

This past week or so, we've been in contact with some of our neighbors. Last Sunday, we walked to church with our upstairs neighbors, Natalia and Landon. I also managed to snap some photos of our neighbors from across the street:

They're turkey vultures! They fly in every night around 6 or 7 and situate themselves in these large trees. They have wide wingspans and they're really quite large. If you ever want to see some wildlife... stop by!

Yesterday, I cleaned up a bit outside and met the potato bugs, earwigs, and spiders that live in the flowerbed out front. They seem pretty agreeable.

Last Thursday, several of my former roommates came over for a brief get-together. We shared some snacks and talked about whatever it is that girls talk about.

Thomas and I have gone to the Provo temple the past 2 Thursdays. It's nice to be able to go there and feel the spirit together. I'm glad we're making it a pattern in our marriage, and I hope we continue to attend weekly!

One more picture for you, just for fun. Earlier this week we had all of this....

... in our fridge. (There's cream cheese, cottage cheese, 2 types of cheddar cheese, 2 types of swiss cheese, camembert, monterey jack, mozzarella, gouda, and "babybel" sitting on that shelf!!!!)

I have a lot more ideas for writing, but this post is probably too wordy as it is, and we have to get ready to go to a dinner to which a family in our ward invited us.

So... goodbye for now! We'll write more later! (but I'm not sure when "later" is!)



  1. I like your shelf of cheese:) And the turkey vultures! I love you both and am so happy for you! I am sad to hear about your Grandma, Lillie, I forgot about you having the chance to care for her this summer. It is hard when people leave this life, but I am glad she can be with her husband and other family members. Thanks for talking.

  2. We actually forgot to mention the Parmesan cheese in the door... ;^)