Monday, April 5, 2010

The Reason You Are Viewing This Page... to learn about the wedding and its events. Perhaps this is true?

Friday morning we went to the temple for Lisa. We had a marvelous session and were pleased to have the company of much family and many friends.

We then headed out to the church at which we were to have the reception and began setup, which in itself was an adventure.

Many thanks to the volunteer crews that helped get everything ready!

Now, on to Saturday. See? Patience pays off (sometimes). We showed up on time and were once again happy to be surrounded by family and friends for a wonderful sealing ceremony. We then posed for many a photo until we escaped to the reception. We had a quick bite to eat, then lined up to greet guests for a few hours.

After a bit of cake (thanks to Camille)...

...and a few dances...

...we rode off into the sunset.

We flew out to Utah to spend our honeymoon up at the Bradshaw Family Cabin. We cooked a bit. It was beautiful weather.

Then it snowed.

I do love the snow, but the roads were so bad I couldn't get back up the hill with the car. I thus hiked up, and we promptly packed up and headed out a day early. It was worth it, as my former roommate confirmed a weather advisory for 6-11 inches of snow through the next day (in the valley, and we were a bit higher). That's okay. It let us set up house.


  1. Lisa your dress is so pretty! Your wedding looks like it was really nice. :-D
    I can't believe it snowed that much at the cabin! It snowed a bit while we were there, but not that much! We tried to carve out the stairs, but I'm not sure how successful we were.

  2. we were so grateful for the carved-out steps and trail up! They served us well :o)

  3. I loved being able to be there with you! It was a WONDERFUL day!! ...I love you both and long for being able to hang out with you again! HUGS