Wednesday, December 9, 2009

24 Years, a Lot of Snow, and Some Ornaments

(My Nativity Set - Merry Christmas!)

So... I guess it's my turn to write.

First bit of news: I purchased a wedding gown! Yes, the rumors are true, I managed to find it on Craigslist. A recently married gal here in Provo was selling a gown in my size. I called her, tried it on, loved it, and left on Tuesday. On Thursday, after doing a little more shopping and realizing that buying her gown would likely be my best chance to have a dress I loved for the least cost, I called her up and made an offer. She accepted and now THE dress is hanging in my closet! I'd post photos, but.... Thomas can't see yet. So. If you're really interested, let me know and I'll email you a picture.

Less exciting, I finally finished the last of our Thanksgiving turkey leftovers on Saturday. After turkey-noodle soup and turkey salad pita sandwiches, I'm turkeyed out for a while!

Back to exciting news, Thomas' birthday was on Sunday. Since I had to work for a few hours on Sunday afternoon, we spread out the celebrating over a few days. On Friday I made him dinner, along with this lovely yule log cake:

We're planning to post the recipe, but since I didn't take any pictures of the process this time, you'll have to wait for us to make it a second time before you enjoy this bit of heaven for yourself.

On Saturday I also had to work... both of my jobs... in the morning and the evening... but we did get to spend a few hours together in between, and headed to Target to work on our registry some more. Can I just say how GREAT I'm feeling about how much we've accomplished toward this wedding? It's so nice to be able to add to our registries here and there and not feel rushed, and to have the large majority of our invitation envelopes addressed! I've even stamped about 1/3 of our invitations. The details will probably kill us in February and March, but wow. We're really getting somewhere right now.

We got some snow in Provo over the weekend. I'm basically terrified of driving in the stuff, so on Monday, Thomas and I went out so I could practice. I'm grateful I got some driving time in without needing to be in a rush or anything, as I've had to work in Orem early in the morning the past two days.

My home town (and county) was also blanketed in snow this weekend. My family is without electricity for the third day today, and schools are open for the first time this week today. While it is normal for it to snow in the mountains, where my family's home is, it is EXTREMELY RARE for it to snow at the altitude levels it snowed at this past Sunday/Monday. Here are links to some local coverage of the storm: #1 (about power outage), #2 (about the snow).

Thomas is finishing up his classes right now. Tomorrow's his last class day and then we'll be on to finals week. We're looking forward to attending the Bradshaw Family Christmas Party coming up in a couple weeks and spending time with Thomas' immediate family members!

Yesterday we got in the spirit of Christmas after watching Home Alone. What fun!

Last but not least, last night I was in charge of a Relief Society activity for my ward. We made a few different types of Christmas ornaments I found online. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera to the activity, but these are real ornaments that I made with my very own hands!

(Corsage Pin Snowflake)

(Paper Snowman)

(Felt Christmas Tree)


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