Sunday, July 4, 2010

Merry Fourth To You All: Freedom's Blue, Red, and White

Things have been rather busy since last post. I guess last week should have been an indicator of things to come in terms of festivities and such, but let's just say it's nice to  have reached the weekend (and to have a long one).

The mundanities of the week were simply work from Monday to Friday for both of us. Due to some bargains we found, we were able to buy 32 (cheap) hot dogs for just over $1, so Thomas decided to spark a little work party which coincidentally coincided with Independence Day weekend, which went marvelously.

On Thursday, we were met with an interesting development. Apparently here in Provo they block off about two blocks of Center Street on each side of University Avenue (see ironic photo below). Center Street is essentially main street, but they set up rides and booths IN THE ROAD for America's Freedom Festival, which sponsors a weekend of patriotic events for the 4th of July, including the annual and undermentioned Stadium of Fire, one of the largest Independence Day celebrations in the United States (and, of course, the world). We then learned that we can't even park on the roads today or tomorrow because we'll have the parade going right past our front door.

Friday night we made it to the Draper temple again. The sunset wasn't quite as breathtaking as last week's, but we did remember our camera this time. That evening Thomas randomly won a $10 Dairy Queen card as well.

On Saturday, we were invited up to Thomas' brother's inlaws' home, where we enjoyed the company of family and friends.

 (an interesting gift from Robert & Camille... "Slug Butter" - don't worry, there are no slugs we think)

We ate good food...

...went swimming...

(Robert was up to some mischief, so....)

(...naturally, Thomas had to step in...)

...and had homemade ice cream...

...whilst playing with kids young and old.

We then headed home, arriving in Provo just in time to duck into an undisclosed (and quiet) parking lot almost directly under the fireworks by the stadium. We then headed home after a long and satisfying day.

(Lisa on the hood of the car watching fireworks)

Today, being Sunday (and fast Sunday), we taught a lesson on the Psalms then went on a nice walk, enjoying the cooler (hence bearable) temperatures.

 (red, white, & blue!)

(a teepee in someone's yard)

 (our ward building)

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  1. I was wondering if the parade would affect you. The fourth of July parade was where I met my cousin (Eric Brown) after he moved in with dad to go to college (1978-his parents were living in Puerto Rico working for the government), and he was the one that introduced dad and I. I was working at BYU switchboard. They still had the cord boards, but were converting.

    A sister who visited our ward was talking about the Days of '47 parade in SLC, and was chagrined that they made such a big deal about pioneer day and nothing for the 4th. I was very surprised (she grew up around SLC). I had to inform her that Provo had one of the largest 4th celebration's -like you said-in the world really. And, that they used many of the floats in the Days of '47 parade, first in Provo for the 4th.