Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2^3 * 379 visits

In celebration of Lisa's rapidly-approaching Calculus class, I figured I'd start with some numbers through the First of August (yes, less than a month left of summer):

Visits: 3032
Countries: 33
States: 28 + DC
Cities: 265

Yep, that's right. In under 8 months, we've managed to accumulate quite a following. The sports idioms page seems to be a popular funnel for international users.

Anyway, moving on. I was told by mine acquaintance that I should try to be witty. I shall thus expand my creative sphere by writing in verse:

1. And in those days, there was great heat over all the land; yea, the inhabitants cried forth from their shelters, but respite was none to be found.

2. Nevertheless, the scribes continued in their belief of winds from the north that were prophesied to come.

3. And they were on Wednesday found within the gates of the house of the Lord.

4. And they were on Friday found in the presence of friends, feasting and fraternizing.

5. And they were on Saturday found cleaning and wrapping up loose ends.

6. And at all other times did they walk hither and thither, talking and enjoying the sights and the company of the other.

Beautiful sky scene we saw whilst walking
Bark surrounding a tree from which it did not fall....??
Anyway, enough creativity for now. We had a pretty good week and were invited over for dinner on Friday. We've got many a thing planned this week, as Thomas' dad is back in town for work and personal things. Speaking of which, his new book entitled Temple Themes in the Scriptures is soon to be released, along with the second edition of In God's Image and Likeness.

And a snippet of a conversation we had:

Lisa: You're crazy.
Thomas: No more than when you married me.
Lisa: That's what you think...
Thomas: If that were true then I wouldn't be crazy.


  1. Um, I'm pretty sure your dad's website is and not the one you linked. ;)

  2. Thanks! I fixed it last night because of your message. I make that mistake in typing far too much.

  3. not witty enough cries thine acquaintance