Sunday, October 17, 2010

Merry UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty!

Fall has proven itself and stayed for two weeks now, so I believe school can officially be declared begun. The weather is nice, with highs in the upper 60s and coloured leaves. We're even getting bits of rain as I write.

Oh, wait...we started more than a month and a half ago! This means that Lisa is about to begin some of her exams. Exciting!

This past week and a few days we had a few fun points intermingled with far too many school projects. The highlights:
  • We visited the temple. We've averaged weekly since we've been married!
  • We visited Rock Canyon for the first time, learning about the rock formations in the area.

  • We had a dinner party with the Grigsbys!
  • We cooked chicken broccoli, chicken and dumplings, carrotised honey, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and molasses cookies, among other things!

  • Lisa did homework and is getting use out of her new whiteboard!
  • Our tomatoes are still alive with 14 eventual tomatoes!

Also, many of our flowers reached two feet high! These are marigolds and zinnias, which I don't think normally grow so high. The other crazy thing is that we planted them in early July. They've been growing, but until a month ago none had bloomed. Then the first zinnia bloomed. Then a marigold was about to bloom two weeks ago. Now it and several of the others are in the same state. Will they ever bloom? Stay tuned...


  1. Hooray for making use of Lisa's whiteboard! I'm glad it's useful. :) Those are cool pictures of "Rock Canyon" and the "Acoustic Explosion." Your silly plants are confused, they should hurry and bloom before the snow gets to them!

  2. Are you wearing glasses Thomas? I love rock canyon, I used to hike up there-in the winter people ski down and I think there's picnic tables near the top and it's so fun to run down when it's snowy!!! lots of love to both of you! SOO happy you attend the temple so often!!!!! Isn't it wonderful!!!

  3. Lisa!!!

    I particularly like the picture of you under the description of what you made for dinner. CUTE!!! Looks like you guys have had quite a fun and eventful fall...and it's only just begun! :D


  4. @mdp:
    Thanks for sending it to her! And you'd better come and tell our plants that in person.

    Lisa insisted on taking one with glasses. As I don't need them, I don't wear them except when I'm wearing the sunglasses attachment.

    Where's YOUR blog? ;^)