Sunday, February 6, 2011

Says Groundhog: Winter is Nigh a Thing of the Past

That's right: Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow this year, giving the okay for spring to roll on in.

Sunset scene from BYU
Maeser building at BYU - Thomas is having fun mastering his camera!
The walk home from campus on the straight streets of Provo!
That, of course, means that we need to get caught up with our blog in order to make room for the many future happenings that may or may not occur.

Another sunset scene
the mountains
First off, Lisa's been great at planning out our meals so that we shop for things that apply to specific dinners rather than making dinners out of the random foods we have. This has allowed us to continue to stay in our budget as well as make many more deliciously dandy delicacies (including homemade chimichangas). We'd suggest doing this to all readers.

For our twin nieces' birthday, we constructed a fun hairbow-holder.

fun (& easy) project!
Late last month we saw Thomas' Grandma Bradshaw, a few days past her 89th birthday!

Grandma Elma & Thomas - the photos on the wall are some ancestors, the Singletons. Elma has done a TON of family history work in her lifetime for which we are very grateful!
We went up to the Bountiful Utah temple after our visit to walk around the grounds and take some pictures.
Bountiful temple
Bountiful temple
We watched a bit more of Remington Steele (starring Pierce Brosnan) as well as the 2003 version of The Italian Job.

We had our neighbours for burritos...

The Hamblins & the Bradshaws
...and some other friends over for lasagna.

David & new daughter Ellie
Shari & new daughter Ellie
We were privileged to attend the baptism of one of Lisa's cousins. Afterward, we headed to Provo's Brick Oven Pizza and enjoyed family company.

Miss Sarah's baptism day!
Sassy 8-year-old
David & Sarah enjoying root beer
mmmm... pizza!
We also went to our first "Linger Longer" in our ward today, contributing zucchini chocolate chip cookies.


  1. I love the photos! It's weird not having mountains out here. Glad you guys are doing well :)