Monday, March 28, 2011

Drip, Drip, Drop. April Showers?

While we've had decent weather the last few weeks, we're back to rain and a bit of snow. But if we are to believe Bambi, that's nothing new, right? Enough on the weather, though. You adhere to here to hear with your ear—that is, to see with your eyes—what's new in this Bradshaw household.

We've been busy with school and work, but there's not much to report on that end other than we're ready for summer if for only a break. We won't dwell on that, either. Some things we DID do in our leisure time:
  • We started filling out a family tree.
  • We got a new license plate.
  • Rather self-explanatory.
  • We went to a rock show (for free), thanks to a thoughtful friend.
  • Scary entrance...
    Some fossil displays.
    "Watermelon" rocks (Ruby Zoisite)
    "Mammoth teeth slices"...anyone understand what that means?
    The kids liked "Mr. Bones", but I hope the wheelchair lady can get away...
  • We went to the temple.
  • Provo Temple!
  • We went to a St. Patrick's Day party and ate (too much) green dessert whilst enjoying live (and authentic) Celtic music. (We brought green marble squares.)
  • Us!
    The band!
  • Thomas began growing a beard after being selected as an extra for a Church film project on the New Testament.
  • Tired but happy...
  • We had some friends from the ward over for Family Home Evening, where we recorded some of their songs (photos pending).
  • We celebrated Lisa's birthday with dinner and a movie.
  • Lisa and some of her spoils.
  • We bought some books, including a 9-book box set of The Little House on the Prairie in mint condition and an illustrated Pilgrim's Progress.
  • We went to an Emergency Preparedness Fair sponsored by our stake.
  • Some of the booths at the fair.
  • We celebrated our anniversary!
  • Old wedding cake!
  • We had far too much sugar (PiM's (real and homemade (thanks, Liz!)), the aforementioned marble squares, cookies (thanks, home teachees), bran applesauce muffins, year-old wedding cake (thanks, Camille), ice cream (it was too cheap to NOT buy), brownies and blondies (for FHE)...), but Lisa's been running it off.
  • Enjoying homemade PiM's from the Vakalalas!
Oh, and our neighbours are back in town! Perhaps we'll get some better photos in the future...


  1. Love the license plate! :) That is SO cute!!! :D

  2. That picture of the dinosaur and the lady in the wheel chair was funny :)
    Congrats on the anniversary!

  3. Cool license plate! Wow-lots of PIMS :) Saki surprised me with a big sampler cheesecake and I (yes mostly me) ate it in 48 hours...sad, but sooooo good!!! I wonder if mammoth teeth slices are crosscut sections? So weird to see you with a "beard" Thomas! That will be a neat experience! I like your message cookies set too Lisa! Hope your birthday was excellent and your anniversary was swell! eliz