Sunday, April 17, 2011

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

That's right, it's time to roll them out! School is winding down and it will soon be dead around Provo. Mind you, that's not always a bad thing: less crazy pedestrians and crazier drivers will be wildly welcome. Anyway, sorry for all the photos, but they're more interesting than our ramblings...

We found a balloon Cosmo the Cougar in the BYU Bookstore 

Along with our normal cooking activities (most recently added are French bread and biscuits from scratch, and we have many more recipes backlogged (popovers and pumpkin soup, to name a few we've cooked since last we wrote)...along with several more we'll be trying next week), we've cleaned the chapel, Lisa attended a fireside at which former Relief Society president Bonnie D. Parkin spoke, we attended an excellent devotional by the director of BYU broadcasting on the wise use of media.

Daffodils, also known as Narcissuses. Be careful, as the bulbs are poisonous! 

To all readers: please identify this or get your favourite gardener to do so for us! (identified: common hyacinths)

Another mystery...please help! (identified: grape hyacinths)

A nice little bird that posed for us.

We also got to attend a BYU-hosted Senior Celebration, where we won lots of free prizes and had free food (including double helpings of ice cream) and live entertainment.

After a satisfying (and free) dinner.

Who should we see there but a happily engaged couple!

BYU's International Folk Dance Ensemble...

...renowned worldwide...

...and supported by an AMAZING band, the Mountain Strings (not pictured here).

Our spoils (you can't see the '08 covered up by the Y on that shirt).

Someone else who was spoiled rotten... ;^)

We attended BYU's closing forum—rather, its Unforum—which also had some performances.

BYU's Ballroom Dance Company, also critically acclaimed...

...and BYU's Vocal Point, an a cappella group most recently known for their latest video!

We attended both the BYU band concert and the BYU choir concert, the latter in which Thomas was an active participant.

We've got classy and talented friends!

We went on a few walks, including one to the famed J Dawgs, which neither of us had been to...

Not bad. Just about the perfect number of options, and quality food.

A new administrative building and conference hall for all the wards in the area will soon be built here.

...and a stroll along the new South Campus Stream and Trail! Supposedly it has been completed since Thanksgiving weekend last, but it hasn't. Regardless, we're glad for the peaceful area they've created. We're also glad they've finally reopened the main route to campus from the south, which had been closed for 6 months (or, you know, while students were actually in town for classes).

Duck, duck, goose! I wonder what their rules are...

Everyone seems to like our shirts!

Looking west (there is a grass field you can't see very well to the left)

The stream and path looking to the west

Oh, and either we've seen to much Remington Steele or the firm's on a case across the street...

See here for more shots of Laura Holt's car...


  1. Haha, now I recognize some of the places!!! Like J-Dawgs! :)

  2. Laughed a little too hard at the Remington Steele reference to Laura Holt's car. STILL one of my all time favorites!