Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Belated International Workers' Day

And for those of us in the United States, a simple happy May Day will do. As such, this will be a brief post in order to allow much needed relaxation on our parts.

This last week has been one of great adjustment. Lisa started another term of school and is grinding through Calculus 2 like a champ. We helped some friends move (and got free clothes, a free couch, and free food in return), we had snow, we watched the latest CES Fireside by Sister Wixom (Primary general president of the Church, we got some books and an ancient trivia game from DI. We also went to J Dawgs again, and we're both hooked.

Oh, and we broke 1500 cities visiting our blogs (1537, to be exact) from 89 countries over 9147 visits. California itself had 153 cities that visited us.

Don't forget that you can get to our blogs by typing the following shortcuts while on our site (probably not compatible with Internet Explorer):
  • Lotsa Oxen Home: home
  • Lotsa Oxen Blog: oxen
  • Bradshaw Bistro: bistro
  • Wedding Page: wedding
  • Family Proclamations: family
  • MacTips: mac

More to come next week, along with photos!

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