Friday, June 17, 2011

Mi casa es su casa

Apologies to our faithful readers who have missed our posts the last three weeks! Our writing lapse has not been for lack of content. Rather, we have been busy hosting visitors, Lisa has been finishing some grueling classes, and Thomas has started a job. So even though it has been Thomas' turn to write for a while... we'll excuse him this once ;o)

Let's see if I can remember all that we've been up to...:

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Lisa's family came to visit. They got in Saturday night. We all went to church together on Sunday, and ate carnitas for dinner. Monday we fit in all the fun stuff:

The boys fixed the windows in the car while the girls went shopping!
We took a walk over to see the Provo Tabernacle.
We introduced the Paulsons to J-Dawgs...
...and had ice cream at the Creamery...
...where Morgan actually ran into some friends randomly - small world.
Mom & Dad left Tuesday morning to get back to the grind, but Morgan got to stay for the week. Here are some of the fun things we did together:

Morgan cooked dinner for us one night...
Morgan came to class with me on Wednesday & Thursday. Wednesday night we went to BYU's Acoustic Explosion right after....
...where we saw Mayday, Steven Stucki, and the Lovecapades.
Morgan and Thomas hiked to the Y...
...and a little beyond.
Morgan treated us to lunch at the Cannon Center...

...where we ate too much food!
We did baptisms together at the Provo temple.
We went to a Provo Rooftop Concert Series concert that we'd seen advertised earlier in the week.
Mindy Gledhill played, .... did Meaghan Smith. We don't typically go to multiple outdoor concert series over the course of a week, I promise! haha
Morgan showed off her balloon-animal-making-skills. L to R: flower, bee, poodle, snake, monkey in a tree, cat, sword, ladybug, wand, parrot!!
Mom, Dad, Morgan - we're glad you came to visit! We enjoyed spending time with you and we're sorry we still had stuff to do (like work & school). Come back again soon!

I fear that even though this post covers just a week, it is on the too-lengthy side, so I will spare you for now and will put our other activities in other posts :o)


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  1. I had a great time with you guys and hope to visit again soon! Life's been so crazy that I only just got to read this post!! Have a great Sunday!