Saturday, February 11, 2012

Brand-new nephew!

Thomas' sister's family welcomed a new member today! Mom and baby are doing fine from the reports we've heard. Congratulations, Vakalalas :o)

We are still (always...) keeping busy with work and school.

reading- sometimes it feels like it's all I do! This is the new Book of Mormon Thomas got me for Christmas - it's so pretty.
Thomas has a new programming project he's working on.

Last week I was thrilled to discover a new water-bottle-filling station on campus. I wish there was one at every drinking fountain!

I was really grateful on Thursday to get out of my sewing lab a little early - which enabled me to get to our stake blood drive. And, thanks to the water-bottle-filling station, which kept me well-hydrated, I was able to donate the full pint this time...

Thomas was really brave last night and tackled our grocery list while I enjoyed attending a baby shower for my former roommate, Dara. It was a blast to catch up with my pals - and thanks, Megan, for the craft idea!

About a week ago we got to go on a nice, long-ish walk together:

Thomas really likes the Heritage Mountain Resort building
fancy house
moon over the mountain
new church building under construction
In other news, we have a really awesome book based on our Bistro blog from Thomas' sister, Liz. She used and it turned out so beautifully. Pictures to come...

That's all for now. Happy Valentine's Day! We are grateful to have each other as "forever Valentines" :o)


  1. What is the craft idea from the baby shower? :) mine will probably be in May... FYI.


    not specific to baby showers but you could do some for a nursery... :o)

    Can't wait!!