Wednesday, November 21, 2012

School Project

Before you spend your life's savings doing your Black Friday shopping, check out the project 2 classmates and I have been working on this semester:

Our class is about Family Life Education and our assigned project was to create a family life education program. Rather than creating a workshop, we built a blog.

Our blog has information about budgeting and financial planning. It is aimed at young married couples, so it also has information about communicating with a spouse about money. However, we think it is beneficial for anybody, married or not.

Part of our grade is based on having people go through our site and fill out some surveys, so if you are willing to help us out, that would be great! (You can access the first survey here; another survey will be emailed to you)

Feel free to leave comments about what you liked, things you learned, or ways you would like to see our project improved. We also welcome feedback about typos, grammar, and other topics you would like to see covered.


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