Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 2013

At the beginning of February my family came out for a few days to drop Morgan off at the MTC. It was a little hectic because Morgan had a lot she wanted to accomplish but there was not much time! I think the essential stuff got done.

Dad, Sister Paulson, Mom, me. Thomas had to work. This is across the street from the MTC.
Our little missionary - she left the MTC last week for Louisiana.
Here are some other things we have been up to:

We got a great deal on strawberries, which made for some perfect pink smoothies.

Valentine's Day:
For Valentine's Day, Thomas got me some beautiful Peruvian lilies. I made truffles and a candy box for him. On top of that is a rose I crocheted. I also made some crocheted heart garlands but we didn't get any pictures...

On Valentine's Day, a couple in our ward invited us to a dinner activity for the Special Needs Activity Program (their church calling). This is Sister Johns and her son Micah. We had a great time and loved learning about the "SNAP"!

This was our 5th Valentine's Day together-- crazy, huh?
Other stuff:
I started reading The Infinite Atonement, a gift from a friend in our ward.
We took a walk the other day when the weather was nice last Tuesday and snapped a picture of the Provo City Center Temple construction progress.
We also stepped inside the new Provo Convention Center. We might have explored a little but there was nobody around.
We checked out the Covey Center for the Arts gallery for the first time in ... probably a couple years, sadly.
Last Wednesday a special and much-anticipated package arrived:

A graduation gift from Thomas' parents!
Now I need to decide on a good break-in project :oD
Thomas' dad came for a couple days last week. He was in town for a presentation.

After the temple, we had pizza and root beer floats together (with Samuel, too).
This weekend, we made it up to BYU campus:
We went to an indexathon hosted by the Vineyard (BYU chapter) that Samuel invited us to.
On our way home we briefly checked out the new venue in the Wilk, The Wall. It's a project Thomas' uncle worked on.

Other than that... well... we've been working and doing the usual stuff. I'm back to full-time hours. Work for both of us has changed buildings so it's been hard to establish a normal routine this year. We've been trying to eat healthier and exercise - I do my Leslie Sansone walking DVDs and Thomas has been playing basketball on Saturdays.

We still teach the 14-15-year-old Sunday School class. We've been implementing the new curriculum, Come, Follow Me. Today, we had a lesson on Doctrine and Covenants section 76, "the vision" of the post-judgement degrees of glory. The best part for me was when one of the students read verses 103 and 89-91 and testified that God is merciful and loves His children because even those who do wicked things ("liars, and sorcerers, and adulterers, and whoremongers") may receive a glory "which surpasses all understanding". Very very awesome.


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