Monday, March 24, 2014

January 2014

We spent an evening at the Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life with Thomas' brother Robert and his twin daughters.

They were in town for a few days for Camille's sister's wedding. We attended the reception. We also went to the Draper temple while we were in the area.

One of our resolutions/goals for the year is to do "date night" twice a month. We decided that each month, we'll each plan a date night, and one at home and one on the town. We switch off.

I planned our first "at-home" date night. I borrowed a Wii from some friends and we played games. Unfortunately, we both had the flu that weekend, so "date night" lasted about an hour and then we went to bed early! Oh well, it was fun to do something we don't normally do (play video games together).

Thomas got us tickets to a magic show at BYU. It turns out one of the magicians is a guy in our ward. He was our favorite act!

We also got to celebrate the birthday of a friend in our ward. Jason is the Elders' Quorum President and Thomas is one of his counselors so they are fairly close.


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  1. Glad you're putting effort into date nights! I am trying to do more formal ones now we kind of have a babysitter! When Saki doesn't work we tend to stay up till one or even 4 in the's just too nice to have alone time together! The girl from the ward we had babysit is actually moving in across the street from us until they move to NZ in Nov! Yeah! So our next real date is this thurs! yeah! Enjoyed all your photos, haven't looked at any blogs in awhile! Wishing we could've gone to Thanksgiving dinner, will have to do that again! maybe we could have a tradition of meeting up for thanksgiving or easter...that would be me Thanksgiving is about you both!