Wednesday, June 18, 2014

May 2014

A lot of progress has been happening on the new temple in Provo. Here is a picture from May:

For Mothers Day this year, we pulled a fast one on my parents.

We took off a couple days of work and drove out for an extended weekend.

Only they had NO idea we were planning this :)

We stopped at the Reno temple on our way, since we had not seen it in person.

From there, we called my dad and asked him about his dinner plans.

He helped us surprise my mom. He invited her to dinner when she got off work. We met up with him at the restaurant before she arrived. Thomas and I secured a table and waited inside, while my dad waited outside for my mom.

I think she liked her surprise :)

We spent the weekend playing with my parents' pets and visiting people. 

We got to talk to my missionary sister, too-- who also didn't know we were going to be at my parents' :)

Some of our friends came over for the Skype call.

And we got to see a house project my dad has been working on:

And we got to see my dear friend Lanessa in her lovely home :)

It was a good trip. It would have been better if we hadn't been sick, but we're glad we could make the visit.

On Memorial Day, I went on a bike ride with our friend Natashia & her kids. It was really fun!

At the end of May, we watched the Electrodash 5K in Provo. We'd seen it being set up, and we heard it in the evening, but didn't know what it was. So we took a walk to find out.

It was ... pretty weird. We walked part of the course and ended up staying for a few minutes as the race began. We even saw the first few finishers returning. And then we researched it a little and found out it's more of a party than a race, so the winners didn't even get anything. Bummer.


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