Sunday, December 21, 2014

October 2014

The first weekend in October, my dad & sister came out to visit, and so did Thomas' dad (with some youth from their ward), for General Conference.

Unfortunately for my dad, the night he drove down to Provo, traffic was horrendous because of a BYU home football game and a free Neon Trees concert both in Provo. We braved the concert and he found us there once he got into town :) It made me respect my dad on a whole new level the way he actually seemed to enjoy & be interested in the concert :)


Neon Trees

On the Saturday of General Conference, I experienced the worst "morning sickness" of my entire pregnancy. We stayed home and kept the whole day pretty low-key. Morgan joined us that evening (she had stayed with friends the night before).

On Sunday, Dad & Morgan got to go up to the Conference Center for a session of General Conference. Thomas & I stayed home to get dinner ready for them & his dad, fellow travelers, and Samuel & Sarah.

Thomas got an unexpected email saying he'd been selected for another film shoot for the church's Bible videos. It was prior to his shaving off his beard, so he went for it!

Later in the month, his dad was back in town for a conference.

We went to Octubafest this year, as a throwback to our first "date" 6 years ago.

Thanks to a little help from our friends, we were able to put these cute things in our windows for Halloween:


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