Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Best Is Yet to Come

A new year has come, and the biggest day of our life is at last in the present year: our wedding! The events of our vacation spent in California include but are not limited to:

-The continuation of Thomas and Rosie's friendship

-A trip to Sacramento to visit some of Lisa's family, including Aunt Lucy, Grandma Lee, Uncle Carl, and Aunt Sandy
-A visit from former neighbors, the Kings, and gifts of beautiful handmade quilts! (and homemade jam, fudge, cheesecake...)

-Christmas Eve gifts of matching pajama pants for us, made by Morgan

-A relaxing Christmas day and dinner with the Souzas and Mr. Ball
-A day-after-Christmas dinner with the Spencers
-An overnight visit from Lanessa

(Lisa is not actually this GIGANTIC... just sitting on some blankets)

-A LOT of flower-making

-Church on Sunday at the Pleasant Valley Ward
-Making a Bûche de Noël for the family (link)

-An online audio chat with the Bradshaw clan
-Obtaining a marriage license in Sacramento county

(indeed, the office is in a strip mall...)

-Making burritos for the family (link)

-A trip to Lisa's cousin's home (the Fabre family), and dinner with them, Aunt Ruth, and the Shofstall family

(Dad and Ulises playing on the Fabre's new Wii)

And then,

*A long, 12-hour drive back to Utah on New Year's Eve

(driving through South Lake Tahoe)

*Dinner with Thomas' brother's in-laws upon our return to Utah

*New Year's illness (way to start 2010...), leaving both of us sick in our beds for 2 days

oxen from Lisa and Thomas this time!!