Sunday, January 31, 2010

Farewell, Book Blitz Month

This week was full of events. In other words, it was eventful. A limited summary of our activities are as follows:
  • We finished up invitations and will be sending them out shortly (international invitations have already been sent out)
  • We went to a play entitled Farewell to Eden, produced by Zion Theatre Company. We also saw I Love Lysistrata, a BYU production
  • Thomas worked on a few research projects based on COHA (the Corpus of Historical American English (link)), which will eventually be accessible from the homepage...
  • We passed (we think) our Foxtrot test (unrelated to this)
  • Lisa gave a lesson on emergency preparedness for Relief Society and assembled a 72-hour kit. For more information on this, go here
  • We saw Lisa's old roommate and family and several other friends

  • We took a walk around Provo and snuck into the Provo Tabernacle for a bit
  • We went to a Peruvian party for one of Thomas' coworkers' birthdays and ate Peruvian food

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