Saturday, February 6, 2010

Free Oreos and Other Great Things

Today, for the first time, Thomas and I decided to use some coupons when we went grocery shopping. SUCCESS! It felt so very good to watch the dollars come off the total! We've decided this should become a habit.

Also, due to Thomas' faithful following of blogs like Hey, It's Free! we were blessed with coupons for free Oreos! Yes, folks, we each got a free package of Golden Double Stuf Oreos. Hey, I'm not complainin'!

In other news, we toured 2 apartments today. Up till now we've only been looking online for housing. It was nice to actually get to see some places we could call "home" in the not-so-distant future. If anyone knows of cheap married housing in the Provo area, let us know! We're still shopping at this point.

We're keeping up pretty well with our temple attendance. Thomas and his roommate haven't missed a Thursday since the beginning of the semester, and I've been taking the opportunity to go on Friday mornings.

I've been thinking about random things outsiders wouldn't know about Provo:
  • Just about everyone jogs. Seriously, even in crummy, cold weather, you see crazies out there in shorts jogging on just about every sidewalk. At all hours, too, it seems.
  • Unicycling is a pastime enjoyed by more people than you'd think, and the percentage is probably near what you'd find amongst circus performers. No joke. This past week, I saw a kid unicycling his way off campus while reading a newspaper.
  • At least 90% of drivers are really bad at driving. If you drive much, expect that for every 3 red lights you are stopped at, you will see one car run a red light. Pathetic!
  • Parking - especially south of campus - is horrible. If you get home after about 10:30 PM, you might need to circle the side streets for a while to find a spot.
That's about it for now. It's been a long day and I'm ready for some shut-eye!


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  1. A unicyclist reading a paper while riding in a city with bad drivers? Darwin, anyone???