Sunday, February 28, 2010

26 days, 18 hours and counting!

Yesterday was a special day! Yesterday was February 27th.

Which, in case that date does not ring any bells or strike any chords for you.....


In two weeks, we'll be able to begin moving things into our 4-plex apartment. In under four weeks, we'll be sealed for time and eternity in the Sacramento California temple.

In terms of news, there's not much to tell. This week we've both been busy with work and Thomas has been spending lots of time on various projects for school. We attended a dance lab (basically a huge party made up of all the social dance students) on Thursday night, fulfilling a requirement for our class. On Friday, of course, we attended our dance class. The past few weeks we've had substitute teachers, as our regular teacher has been involved in some dance competitions. Our waltz is coming along pretty well.

Yesterday we made it to the temple. Saturdays seem to be ridiculously busy at the Provo temple. We also attended a performance by BYU’s Philharmonic Orchestra. We were tired, but it was beautiful.

And now a word about cell phones.

At some times and places, it is inappropriate to have in your possession (and especially to use) a cell phone. Etiquette says you probably oughtn't use your cell phone in the restroom or at the table. Common sense says your phone should be turned off (at least silenced) in the library, in the theater, or in a class. Yesterday, I was unsettled to find that some folks think it's ok to have a cell phone turned ON and even to TALK on it while in the temple!

I sincerely hope that none of my dearest LDS friends, family, or associates would ever consider using their cell phones in the temple.... especially since it is acceptable to use cell phones outside on temple grounds. It was disconcerting to overhear that a young lady was speaking to friends on her cell phone from inside the temple, and deeply saddening and distracting when another's cell phone rang in the Lord's Holy House.

I believe that the temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are sacred places. In them, worthy members can escape the worries and cares of the world and focus on important things of an eternal nature. When cell phones - which have their use and importance in other venues - are imagined to be permitted there, the sacredness of the place is diminished.

Please, please, learn when and where it is rude or distracting or inappropriate to have or use your cell phones, and refrain from keeping them turned on or at your fingers at those times and places! Encourage others to do the same! It is tragic to be the one who disregards common courtesy and social expectations in such a way, and it is deeply frustrating for those who have to suffer the consequences of others' addictions to cell phone usage.

That's about all I have to say, but I feel I'm ending on a harsh note... lighten things up a bit, here's a joke: What do you do when you're being attacked by a circus troupe? (see comments for the answer and feel free to leave your own jokes or two cents there)

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