Sunday, February 21, 2010


Happy Belated New Year (for those that are curious)! The fourteenth of February ushered in the year of the tiger (thanks, Marina!)

But first, we should rewind a bit. Earlier last week Lisa cooked a lot, with the main dish featured being a improvised "bacon pizza" (link). On Saturday we set up many an appointment to look at potential apartments, and found one that was particularly appealing. After some deliberation and time, we penned our names to paper and we're excited to soon have a fourplex to call home (and we enjoyed the 5+ mile walk that day too)!

(a contract of sorts)

We suppose we should mention the coincidental holiday of St. Valentine. As 14 February was on a Sunday, we decided to have a dinner at P.F. Changs (link, thanks to Saki and Liz). Lisa also received some Peruvian lilies from a not-so-secret admirer. Then on Sunday we went to church together then spent an enjoyable few hours with Thomas' grandmother, where Lisa received a corsage.

(an interesting couple (why else would you read this blog?))

(Peruvian lilies)


In other news, Lisa's new job began and she is quickly learning the threads that make the ropes that run the place. Hope all is going well for our readers. Feel free to mention your three cents or more (we could always use the change) in the comments!

(a satisfied blogger)

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