Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

Lisa & Thomas - Christmas 2010
We are enjoying the company of family now after a crazy few days. While finals are at last over, that doesn't mean we're not busy...

On Thursday last, we got to go out to Tucanos for a late birthday/early "finals are over" celebration.

Thomas & Lisa at Tucanos
On Saturday we did some shopping, then went up to the Bradshaw Family Christmas Party (sorry, not many pictures). We gorged on too much food, healthy and not. We're grateful for the example Thomas' grandparents have been in raising their family. We're also thankful for all the wonderful family members we have, including those who attended and those who were unable to!

Getting ready for the white elephant gift game
We had some friends over for carnitas (recipe here) and Family Home Evening.

Dinner table
the Childs and the Bradshaws
We awoke to about 6 inches of fresh snow at 4am on Tuesday, and it was still falling steadily (apparently one of our neighbours spun out in the driveway after we left). Despite everything going against us, including losing our keys (and miraculously finding them), we took off only 30 minutes late. The normal on-ramp to I-15 was closed as well, so we had to take a 4-mile detour to the next exit. Luckily, by the time we got to Tooele the weather had cleared up enough to drive safely at full speed.

Just before we left ...
See our trail to the car?
Somewhere in Nevada ...
Somewhere else in Nevada
We first headed to Fairfax to visit some of Thomas' family. We went out to eat at Chevys (no apostrophe), a "Mexican-style" restaurant that had great food although a strange atmosphere: not quite Mexican and not quite Texan. We spent the night with our gracious impromptu hosts and enjoyed good cooking, walks, and children.

Vakalalas at Chevys
Vakalalas at Chevys
Our niece enjoying her ice cream :o)
Our smiley nephew
Group shot take 1...
Group shot, refined
We took a walk together
The next day we went up to Lisa's home. We thus far have spent time hereabouts shopping, visiting with friends, eating, and lazing about. Have a great set of holy days!

the Paulsons
The Paulsons, the Bradshaws, and Lisa's friend Lanessa at Grand China restaurant
Main Street, Placerville
Lanessa and Lisa - friends since 1st grade.
Lisa holding baby Annabelle
Thomas holding baby Annabelle
baby Annabelle and her mommy
Uncle Carl and "Turtle" the pug
Cousin Gail, Lisa, Morgan, Mom, and Aunt Lucy

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  1. Love the pictures!!! Have yourselves a Very Merry Christmas!! xoxo