Saturday, December 11, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

Snow on the Y
 It is that most wonderfully bittersweet time of the year. Sweet because the break fast approaches (not breakfast, tho' some recipes for that can likely be found at the Bradshaw Bistro), and bitter because everything of consequence seems to have been accomplished already despite the lingering last assignments and tests. Nonetheless, a break from the madness allows us to bring you another round of updates.

Christmas lights on campus
We attended a musical presentation by Latif Bolat, a Turkish musician. He played traditional tunes, told stories, and then improvised a soundtrack to a slideshow of Turkey.

Latif Bolat
We put up Christmas decorations, lights, and a tree.

just right!
We organised most of our books.

They're actually ON the shelves, again, now...
We attended the Christmas Devotional, with friends and a great seat location. Unfortunately, they (security) didn't let Thomas take pictures with his new camera.

4 tickets!
The Conference Center
Salt Lake Temple, tabernacle in front
Salt Lake Temple from the Conference Center
We went to an Elder's quorum steak dinner and ate lots of good food.

Cultural hall
We went to the temple.

coming out at sunset
Nativity scene at the temple
Nativity scene at the temple, take 2
We attended a dance assembly performed by BYU's prestigious dance groups and went to a BYU devotional by Donald L. Hallstrom.

We celebrated a friend's birthday.

Dara turns 22!
We cooked several more things. We have a backlog of about 10 recipes to post to the Bistro, but put another great one up: Chicken Broccoli Casserole. While writing it, Lisa began to crave it so much that we had to go buy some broccoli and make it on the spot.

We celebrated Thomas' birthday, for which Lisa cooked a Reese's Peanut Butter Cake.

Thomas & some gifts
Oh, and Lisa got a haircut!

10 inches for Locks of Love
The girl that did it had a ball!

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