Sunday, August 14, 2011

Astoria-Redmond-Seattle Trip (part 1)

Thomas' grandparents picked us up from the airport in Portland.
We stopped by the Portland LDS temple, one of the most beautiful temples, but stayed only a few minutes because the temple and grounds were closed for maintenance.
We made friends with Grandma's cat, Penny
We helped Grandma finish up a window display for a local jewelry store.
This is a birthday cake for the 200th anniversary of Astoria, Oregon.
The Peter Iredale shipwreck
The Astoria Column: 164 steps on a spiral staircase up to the top!
We made it! And felt in better shape than some who attempted it!
The views were spectacular.

Thomas' grandparents live near a runway.
Thomas at their cabin-style house
One afternoon we took a short walk to get the newspaper - and on our way back to the house, 4 of these cows had gotten loose! It was funny trying to tell Grandpa, who had been napping - he didn't understand our story until he saw the cows run by his window!

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  1. wow-your blending with that cabin Thomas! Thanks for all the fun photos!