Thursday, September 8, 2011

BYU Fall 2011 and other news

Hello hello! This post is a bit late because we are back to being super busy.... but in a boring way, where there's not much to tell about.

For starters, school has recommenced. I plunged into 16.5 credit hours of college courses at the Y last Monday. I am taking several science classes, the hardest so far being Chemistry (Chem 111). In addition to these, I am taking a Technical Writing course (Engl 316) and a course called "Housing the Family" (SFL 230). I have a busy schedule, but it's pretty interesting for the most part. I feel old because my Chem class is mostly freshmen, and it is geared toward them (e.g., a freshmen mentor introduced himself to the class this week). I do have a Geology (111) class with my cousin, Will, and I look forward to getting to know him better!

As is the tradition, President and Sister Samuelson addressed the school on Tuesday during the first devotional of the semester.

The New Testament film project also got rolling last week. Thomas has spent 2 days so far as an extra-- which is really cool, because they dress him up in period clothing, and even apply stage makeup to make him look darker/dirty. While most of his time there is spent waiting, he enjoys moments when he can see the Jerusalem set and actually participate in scenes being shot.


  1. The devotional was really good - I can't wait for next week (Elder Andersen!)… That's cool that Thomas started work at the Jerusalem set!

  2. That's a lot of credits :) I wondered if they'd make Thomas darker :o does his work just let him take the time off?

  3. Thomas has to rely on his kind coworkers to trade him shifts :o) He used most of his days off for the reunion.