Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On Two Years

 The last two years have been the fastest in my life! I'm glad eternity is such a long time, because anything less would not be enough.

Because you love this song:

8 Essential Ingredients of Long-term Marriages (from my Adult Development & Aging class taught by Jeremy Yorgason):
  1. Good problem-solving skills
  2. Trust in each other (fidelity, integrity, feeling "safe")
  3. Permanent commitment to the marriage
  4. Open, honest, good communication
  5. Enjoy spending time together and have fun together
  6. Shared value system, interests, and activities
  7. Consideration, mutual appreciation, reciprocity
  8. Deep & abiding love for each other, enriched by being dear friends and lovers; continue to find one another attractive, appealing, desirable and interesting
Because I think of you when I hear this song:

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