Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The end of March in pictures

I'm embarrassed to say that this post has basically been ready to go for more than a week. School is out now, though (except for finals), so I feel like I can actually do something other than homework :o)

Here are some pictures from the last part of March. As I'm finishing, I'm realizing how much of this post is about food. Guess we had lots of good food in March :o)

Provo Library
My birthday:

The Poppletons joined us for homemade Chinese food!
After dinner we walked to the Provo Tabernacle site together
Our 2-year anniversary:

We used my Tucano's birthday card for a nice anniversary lunch together
One of our servers. The shrimp costs extra but they had a special deal on it so we tried it. TOTALLY worth it.

Paris France Mission Reunion:

Thomas made me drive :o) It was a lot more stressful going than coming back, just gonna put that out there...
Burrito Fête!
Baguettes (from the French Bakery) with cheese (chèvre, bleu, brie,...)
Pain au chocolat; éclair (délicieux!)
The Bradshaws with Soeur and Président Pond
Springtime in Provo:

These pretty blossoms bloom on these hideous spiky plants/weeds right outside our apartment.
Daffodil outside our apartment
Pretty bulbs planted in the flower bed in front of our neighbors' apartment. They smell heavenly.
These grow in the back.
Did lots of cooking in anticipation of our full house (more on that later):

2-9x11 and 2-9x9 pans of stuffed shells, 2 loaves of homemade bread (1 pictured, made into garlic bread) and some cinnamon rolls.

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  1. The Poppletons are so cute! I like that you guys wore your iHusband and iWife shirts to the missionary reunion! The food you guys made was sooo fantastic! Seriously, my friends and I talked about it all week :) Love you guys!