Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Busy Beginning of April

On March 31st, my sister and her friends came into town. They spent a couple nights with us before heading to Idaho for their spring break. They were lots of fun. We watched General Conference together on Sunday:

I'll have you know, girls, that I used this picture because you were all looking at the camera, even though the other picture was better of me ;o)
They played silly games together. We just watched.
That weekend, Thomas' dad, cousin, and a few friends were in town as well. We all went out to Tucano's for dinner before the friends had to fly home:

In addition to all of those visitors, Thomas' brother Robert and his family were in town later in the week, for various events for Camille's family:

I even got to hold Abe for a little while :o) I actually held Ian, too, but we didn't get any photographic proof...
On Easter Sunday, we went up to Camille's family's ward for the twin boys' blessing day:

Bradshaw & James guys

Thomas' cousin, Anna, is a brilliant photographer.

Last week I had my last classes for the semester. I got a chance to really clean our apartment and on Saturday I took 3 of my 4 finals (and turned in a take-home final). Hello freedom!


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