Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Previously Untitled Post

A post from us is long overdue, considering all the many things we've done this last week or two. We've been more free (in theory) due to Lisa being done with the semester, but have found plenty of things to fill it; so many, in fact, that we haven't even had a chance to redeem our $9.99 Pass of All Passes yet, but hopefully we'll have a chance to do that as well soon!

We've been lucky to have a lot of Thomas' family in town. On Monday we had a barbecue with some of the family and friends. We mentioned cousin Anna last time. Her sister also was in town prior to entering the MTC, and coupled with some others, it was a fun get-together, complete with complementary ice-blocking, thanks to some previous patrons.
Sarah & Anna at Rock Canyon
Various Hoffmans, Bradshaws, and Petersons :o)
Anna-- she is a quite talented photographer!
Burgers, Mushroom-Swiss burgers, and chicken
Our new twin nephews
Thomas on ice
Thomas was asked to snap some photos as a backup photographer at a reception for some extended family, so we once again spent time with family.

The reception was at Le Jardin
Thomas took guests' photos at this cute "photo booth"
The Mr. & Mrs., with her family
Camille made this cake (and ours as well) -- methinks we need a Bradshaw Bakery to go along with our Bistro :o)
Another day, we made it up to Salt Lake, and enjoyed the serenity of the Temple Square grounds contrasted with the bustle of the new City Creek Center that advertises its high-end wares with less-than-enthusiastic-looking models.

Bridge that spans the street, connecting the mall (on two blocks)
Lights we liked above the escalators
The best part of the mall... that it is so near the (extremely peaceful) temple grounds!
As far as individual projects, Lisa's been doing quite a bit of genealogy/family history work, as well as sewing Thomas' old T-shirts into more useful things. Thomas sharpened his Linux skills by compiling his own operating system from scratch.

Despite being busy, we do try to find time for each other, too. We've been on several walks, visited the temple, and watched a bit of Everybody Loves Raymond and I Love Lucy. We also watched My Fair Lady to further our linguistic understanding...gotta keep learning even if school is out!