Monday, June 25, 2012

On a Night Like This ...

 Earlier this month we came across an opportunity to see one of my favorite musicians of late in concert about 15 minutes from where we live. And we found tickets for $5. So we just had to go. And we are glad we did.

Hint: he's wearing a salmon-colored shirt in this picture
I first discovered Dave Barnes via a Pandora station and I was hooked early on! His songs are beautiful and the lyrics are particularly meaningful for where I am in life. He sings some contemporary Christian songs, some blue-eyed soul, and some rock. I love everything I've heard. Thomas is less sold than I am, but I don't mind.

The concert, put on by Top Blip, at the Scera outdoor theater, was mostly a competition between 9 up-and-coming bands to fill 2 performance slots at the Stadium of Fire this summer. The bands that performed were pretty good-- we especially enjoyed the Spencer Glenn band and their song Polynesian Island (that video is actually from the concert we attended), Joe Banua and his love songs, Carl Dylan, and Ty Mayfield.

The final act that was competing was a local artist we saw last summer at the Provo rooftop concert series (he was an opening act there) and liked enough then to buy a cd-- Ryan Innes. His band won one of the Stadium of Fire slots. He and his band looked and sounded so classy-- they were dressed up, and put a really unique, jazzy twist on a Bruno Mars song they covered

After these bands played and everyone cast their votes via text message, Dave Barnes took the stage. It was just him and his back-up singer (not sure of his name) and their guitars. They sounded awesome! I was really excited to hear Until You, Little Lies, Mine to Love, Love Will Be Enough For Us, and God Gave Me You, and a couple other songs live. Dave Barnes talked about his wife and their baby and his uncle's reaction to hearing Blake Shelton's version of God Gave Me You.

The weather was great and if you ever have a chance to attend an event at the Scera shell theater or see any of these bands or download some Dave Barnes music, I recommend it :o)

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