Saturday, August 4, 2012

Provo 4th of July Parade, 2012

Thomas had to work on Independence Day, so I watched the parade with some of our good friends in our ward, the Bodilys.

Naturally, I have waited too long to post, so I don't remember it that well. Here are some of the better pictures I took...


I appreciate the little robots they have :o)

Renaissance Faire
Bike tricks

Grand parade:


Ever year I fall in love with these handsome mules
"Meet me at the fair" - the giant heads of this barbershop quartet were able to rotate
The paint job on this new Toyota Scion was just cool.

I bet this is blurry because I jumped....!
I am thankful for the freedoms granted us in the United States and protected by the U.S. Constitution. I am grateful to the people who serve and have served in the armed forces - and their families - who sacrifice and have sacrificed so much to make the world a safer place.


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  1. haha I think it's hilarious that the cannon picture is blurry because you jumped. I wish I could do whatever it is that the acrobat girl is doing on the horse. And yeah, the Toyota Scion's paint job is cool enough that could have gotten it's own blog post.