Sunday, April 28, 2013

A brief stint in animal husbandry...

Last Sunday evening, we took a walk around the neighborhood.

Just as we were getting back home, we discovered a chicken next door at our landlord's property where they have their office. They use it just as an office, so we knew the chicken was not theirs.

We called around the ward a little bit to see if anyone we knew was missing a chicken. Nope.

A couple came by who was house-sitting for their neighbors. They thought they recognized the chicken as belonging to their neighbors. I carried the chicken down to their place (nobody else was brave enough to touch it). Then we saw the other chicken, still in its pen.

We called Provo City to see if animal control could come get it. Don't have an animal emergency on a Sunday evening, because no one is on call to take care of it...

We ended up borrowing a cage from some friends in the ward. We kept the chicken in our kitchen overnight. We fed her cornmeal mixed with plain yogurt, with some vegetable scraps (lettuce, strawberry tops).

 The next afternoon when we got home from work, the hen had laid an egg!

Unfortunately, we live in an apartment and cannot keep a chicken. Animal control came and got the chicken Monday afternoon.

But it was fun while it lasted :)


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