Sunday, April 28, 2013

BYU throws great graduation parties!

So, I didn't walk at commencement or anything, but since I graduated in December I was able to attend the [free!] graduation celebration BYU puts on every year for graduating seniors (and their spouses & children).

We first went 2 years ago when Thomas finished school. It's a fun evening with free food, free games & prizes, awesome free entertainment, and a raffle with some great prizes.

The campus life museum brought some of their live critters out to this event.

We ran into some of our friends at the party.

After dinner and a game of pool, we were entertained by Provo band The Strike. They had a fun sound, obviously influenced by Maroon 5, Bruno Mars. We enjoyed their style and their brass.

President Cecil O. Samuelson addressed us briefly.

Then we were treated to performances by the BYU International Folk Dance Ensemble and their band Mountain Strings. They are always amazing.

Anyway, it was a really fun evening out for us, even though we didn't win anything in the raffle (darn!).

Oh, and I was really excited to get my mini diploma in the mail this week :) My real diploma came a few months ago, but this one fits in my wallet :D


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