Monday, May 3, 2010

Ah, spring...

Spring is here at last, not to stay for long but at least enough to make the searing summer in this sere strange state bearable. As alluded to in the previous post (and the low frequency of them in general), we've been busy. Lisa continues to work hard at her job, and Thomas is working part-time with another job opportunity possibly opening up concurrently, so we've been blessed to be relatively productive. We both have several projects lined up for the summer on the side as well, so you (the reader) will likely hear a bit more about those in the future...

(Lisa enjoying a meal from the Bradshaw Bistro)

We received scores of gifts from both known and unknown admirers (please let us know if you think you're one of these), so thanks again! We hope to thank you more personally in the near future.

Anyway, as for events this week (as always, the order is non-particular)...
We cooked (see the Bradshaw Bistro for more on this)
We saw the Vancouver, BC Temple cultural event
We cleaned (now that we have a vacuum)
Lisa's dad helped repair the Pontiac
We organized our wedding gifts
We went on a walk or two
We taught Sunday School
We watched a movie
We read (past tense)
We ate too much
We laundered
We shopped
We worked
We lived
We etc.

Hmmmm...yeah. Not too exciting on this end. But life is grand.

Oh, and a special note for a few:

Happy Birthday, Saki! (27 April)

Happy Anniversary, Jeff and Kathleen! (27 April)

Happy Anniversary, Robert and Camille! (3 May)

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