Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day, Moms!!

Thomas and I have been so very blessed to have truly magnificent mothers. We are grateful to have their influences in our lives. They've taught us both to love reading and to live with integrity. Kathleen Bradshaw and Geneva Paulson are irreplaceable figures in our lives! They bore us and raised us up to be who we are today.

Moms, thank you for your sacrifices, your friendship, and your wisdom!! We love you both very much.

(Kathleen reading with Thomas)

(Geneva holding baby Lisa)

This week felt a little bit crazy! Monday night we went through some of Thomas' old schoolwork and things. It was fun to see his old French school notebooks, spelling tests, and Valentines from classmates.

On Tuesday, I got a call from my sister. It wasn't good news; my cat had passed away. I was extremely distraught. Good ol' Peekaboo had seemed healthy when I was home for the wedding. She came into our family when I was nine years old - she was 4 at the time and named "Pepper". It took a long time for her to warm up to us, but she and I always had a special relationship. We changed her name because "Peekaboo" fit her so much better - especially with the exclamation point markings on her face! She was always low-maintenance and more easy going than our other cats. She used to come to my whistle, and once in a while she'd get a little crazy, playing on her cat tree. Home won't be the same without my "fwend".


(Peekaboo playing)

On Wednesday, Mr. Bradshaw and I did laundry together. We even got some snacks at a local Mexican grocery store.

On Thursday, we went up to Salt Lake and had dinner at Cafe Rio with my dad! He was out here working on my cousin's place again, so it was nice to get to see him again before he headed back home. The three of us also checked out the Gateway Mall to see if we could find some Mothers' Day gifts. We were successful (although... I can't say the mall directories were any help...).

(Lisa & dad Ken showing off his handiwork at his nephew's place)

Friday night, our ward had a Cinco de Mayo potluck. We were not the only ones to bring refried beans, but there were other yummy dishes to enjoy as well.

Saturday, we cleaned our place and had some yummy waffles. Thomas helped with a move-in a couple houses down, and in the afternoon we went to American Fork to attend a session at the Mt. Timpanogos temple. Its quiet beauty was a welcome change of scenery from the very utilitarian (but still pretty) Provo temple. We enjoyed our visit and afterward stopped by the Deseret Industries thrift store.

(Mt. Timpanogos Temple 5.8.2010)

(The Bradshaws at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple)

(Beautiful flowers at the Mt. Timpanogos temple)

Today, we had a nice Sunday School lesson on Deuteronomy. We taught our class of four to "Beware lest [they] Forget" the Lord. It's fun to be in a calling together!

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  1. you've updated the layout of the blog, right?? I LOVE it! :D seems like you are enjoying life, that's great! :D you lots!

  2. Yep. Changed it yesterday :)

    Love you too! Hope all is going well! Staying busy?