Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello, world.

This is not a computer program, though (sorry if you don't get it).

But in another usage, we want to thank all those that have visited our sites. Between the bistro, the blog, and the wedding site, we this week hit 200 (two hundred) unique cities from 19 countries and 26 states (plus D.C.). That is over 2000 visits and just short of 5000 pages viewed (until you read this and put it over said number). Feel free to help us out in our effort to be visited by more places around the world!

We don't have any pretty photos this week, unfortunately, due to a misplaced charger. Here's one you can enjoy from our lesson a few weeks ago (no, this is not a live photo, but instead a reenactment):

We got library cards for the Provo Library. We are now officially among the literarily elite in Provo.

We had grilled cheese sandwiches. Those were pretty good. We also went shopping and got MORE food! Some may eventually be featured on the Bradshaw Bistro...

We also finally tried out our blender and sacrificed the contentment of our stomachs for a milkshake. Or so we'll claim a sacrifice.

Thomas has been working on a pollen count widget with his former roommate (yes, they parted on amicable terms). If you have a Mac, we may need beta testers in the future. Let us know...

Lisa has been working. And working. And working. Luckily she found LibriVox, where you can find free public domain audiobooks for download. Coincidentally, they mostly use books from Project Gutenberg, which Thomas is using for another project...

Lisa has created a few free photo books at Hot Prints. They let you make a free book every month from uploaded photos and there aren't any gimmicks. Good deal...check it out. They do include a 4-page advert in the middle of the book, but you can easily pull it off the staples...

Oh, and check out our new wedding photo album on the wedding site by typing "wedding" (unless you're using Internet Explorer, which requires you to click on "Home" at the top of this page and then go the wedding section). These are a few of the photos we've received thus far. If you didn't know about our shortcuts, just type "short". Not in a text box. Just start typing now.

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