Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Entertaining photos for the masses

Holy lapse in blog posts! Sorry, loyal readers!

We've been back in Provo for a couple days, after spending the Memorial Day weekend in California. We were able to attend my sister Morgan's high school graduation.

(Morgan & Dad)

(Morgan & Lisa)

On Friday, it rained for a good part of our drive. We saw a stunning rainbow around Wendover (on the Utah/Nevada border)!

(Wendover rainbow)

We were also able to see Thomas' sister Elizabeth & her sweet family. They braved the curvy roads and came up to my parents' home on Saturday. We had a blast playing with the little ones and chatting with Liz & Saki.



(Saki & Elizabeth)

(the whole family!)

My dear friend Lanessa made it up there too, and we sat together at the graduation.

(Ken, Lanessa, Lisa)

(Mom, Morgan, Ruth, Glenn, Liz, Lanessa, Dad, Lisa, Thomas... with Saki & Mere in the front)

My aunt Ruth was visiting the Sacramento region, too, and we got to visit with her for a bit. On Sunday, we went to my aunt Lucy's house and chatted with the two of them and my cousins Gail and Terry.

Later in the evening, we visited our old neighbors, the Kings, and saw their married daughter and her two kids.

After such a busy weekend, we are glad to be back at our quiet home!

(he makes me smile!)

Last week, we worked on a little garden patch outside our apartment. We have yet to plant anything. We've got a pretty good crop of rocks, however. We also had our neighbors, the Magnussons, over for dinner. We played Parcheesi afterward, which was fun!

(right outside our living room)



  1. What are you going to plant in your garden? :) We have a garden in our backyard, but so far all we have are delicious strawberries, some raspberries, chives, rhubarb, and mint.

  2. Not sure...we've got it all cleaned up, but it's been sitting empty for a fortnight. Perhaps some tomatoes and flowers? We'll let you know...