Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saving Through Scavenging

Lisa has been tried and tested with her husband's incessant freebie-seeking and deal-hunting habits. However, we both agree that it's worth it. As an example, yesterday we went shopping at Walmart and WinCo. Through a variety of ads in the mail and coupons collected, we were able to redeem quite a haul, at just under $13 of real savings with nine (9) coupons and three (3) price matches. Below are the free things we got in one "fowl" swoop (like our neighbors the turkey vultures):

In other news, we got sick for free these last few weeks (not pictured). However, despite it all, we were able to enjoy the company of Lisa's mother and sister for several days:

And a few pictures showing one facet of Lisa's creative side:

Oh, and check out Lisa's sister's blog here. She's a talented GIMPer.

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