Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day! And We've Had a Busy Week.

Thomas and I have not only been blessed with wonderful Moms; we both have pretty cool Dads, too! Our fathers have worked hard to provide for our families. Along the way, they've helped us learn to love nature, prize knowledge, and appreciate the world around us. Their influence has helped to shape and mold us into independent adults! We wouldn't be who we are now without Kenneth Paulson and Jeffrey Bradshaw.

Dads, thank you for your patience, your counsel, and your encouragement! We love you both very much.

(Lisa & Ken at the beach 1997)

(Thomas & Jeff hiking 1998)

I got to visit with my former roommates last Sunday. It's fun to chat with these lovely ladies! Beth just got back from a "study abroad" trip in France. Megan is getting married at the end of the month. Dara lives just a couple blocks away. It's not often enough that we all get together!

(Dara, Beth, Megan, Lisa)

We worked hard to get our thank you cards out this week. I fashioned a stamp from linoleum (like we used for our invitations) and stamped the many cards. If you don't get one soon, please let us know. We most likely received your gift, but it could've been attributed to someone else, or it might be one of our "mystery" gifts. Some things were left without cards/labels but we did our best to try to match everything up.

(the stamp I designed & carved)

(the stamping process)

(lotsa lotsaoxen cards!)

We also made another trip to Ikea to purchase another bookcase! We have a thing for books, and have managed to nearly fill this second bookcase. Thomas mostly assembled it and we're grateful to have it in our living room, replacing the boxes of books!

(my handyman)

We planted some flower seeds and two tomato plants in our little "garden" area. Hopefully they will grow and produce :o)

Friday night, we attended the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. It was our second time attending that temple, but interestingly enough, the last time we went was around Mothers' Day!

To finish out our week, we enjoyed a wonderful visit with Thomas' brother Robert and his family. We took a walk, made a yummy meal together (recipes at the Bradshaw Bistro), and had fun with their twin daughters. We feel so blessed to have had so many opportunities to see family lately.



And finally, just for fun:

(we're big on dairy products...)

(this dandelion stands about 4 feet tall; the diameter of the puff is about 5 inches! and it's just outside our apartment.)



  1. haha! the fridge looks like mine used to when i lived with thomas! that kid can drink milk like nobody else i've ever met

  2. I love the blog. I am glad that you got another matching bookcase. I thought you would probably need another one soon-and if you want them to match, sometimes you have to get them around the same time-depending on the style.

    The dandelion reminds me of a talk by John Bytheway, which talks about having spent months getting his lawn "perfect" and a kid about to blow one of these all over it. It depends on your perspective what you think about them.... are you sure it is a dandelion and not a milkweed-that big and all.

  3. Seth - he hasn't changed ;o) Congrats on your little one!!!

    Mom Kathleen - Thanks! We were worried we wouldn't be able to find another bookcase like what we bought before, because it doesn't show up on their website! But we did end up finding them again. And I don't know if the plant is a dandelion, it is unusually tall...


  4. I love your thank you cards, and your dad pictures are very cute!