Wednesday, June 2, 2010

...oh, and by the way, THANK YOU!

Dear readers,

 We just wanted to let you know how big you made our month of May. We track the number of visits etc. to our websites (,,, and In the month of May, we hit some neat milestones!

 On May 10, 2010, we reached 2,000 visits.

 As of May 19, 2010, our pages have been viewed in 20 countries, including Denmark, the Philippines, and Brazil. We've reached every continent (except for Antarctica...).

 And, as of May 14, 2010, our pages have been viewed in 200 cities. Hooray for multiples of 20...?

 Today, we're up to 2,249 visits from 212 cities in 23 countries.

 Of course, not all of our visits are from people we know. We also get to look at search engine queries that brought up our page (that searchers then clicked on), like:
  • whatever happened to dristan cold medicine 
  • stuff for thomas and lisa to do tonight 
  • sacramento car oxens
  • emergency kits for temporal and spiritual preparedness 
  • layered pasta dishes  
  • oxens sick february 2010
  Anyway, we just thought we'd share! Feel free to drop by the Bradshaw Bistro for a new recipe. And here's a couple photos for you to enjoy:

(Thomas & Lisa at the Provo temple in May 2010)

(at Lisa's parents' house)

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  1. Cute pictures! :) ...and congrats on hitting the milestones!.. that's pretty awesome!! :D