Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quoth the Raven

Well, per the BYU calendar, we have completed two weeks and have 13 weeks to go (not including finals). We've been staying busy with our long days of work and school, but still manage to find time to fit in memories.

Labor Day was rather uneventful, as Thomas worked all day, and Lisa did some schoolwork and housework.

We cooked German Pancakes, Chocolate Pudding Pie, and Tuna Taco Things.

We went to the weekly devotional to hear from President and Sister Samuelson.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning we were able to attend regional Stake Conference where we heard from Sister Beck (Relief Society President), Elder Holland, and Elder Packard

We also were able to watch some episodes of Remington Steele, some of which can be watched here.

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