Sunday, September 5, 2010

School days, school days...

To wake us up for school on the first day (and beyond), my mother used to come into the room I shared with my younger sister singing "School Days." To my surprise, I've learned that not every mother sings this song to her children! I'm not sure how much of the song my mom actually knows, as she only ever sang the first couple lines of the chorus, but she did get the tune right!

Although I haven't been singing the song to charm Thomas out of bed, we've officially begun our school days routine. We've both already written papers for our classes and I've successfully completed 4 Calculus assignments. Fall semester 2010 is off to a nice start. We've been walking to campus together in the mornings.

In case you haven't already figured this out, we attend BYU
 Our schedules do not coincide very well, unfortunately, so the morning walk and an 11 o'clock break (for the Tuesday devotionals) are our only opportunities to meet up on campus. This is in sharp contrast to my most recent semester of classes, when we first began dating: our schedules, though not intentionally coordinated, kept us in the same or neighboring buildings at the same times, so we could walk to our classes together. We also had pretty much the same breaks so we were able to lunch together frequently. What a blessing that was!

Thus far, Thomas seems to be enjoying a music history class he is taking, and I think my favorite is my Doctrine and Covenants course. I am sure grateful to have the opportunity to attend a university at which my spiritual education is considered as important as my secular education!

Aside from school-related things, we have managed to continue working (with brand new schedules) and enjoying ourselves as well. Last weekend, we whipped up some yummy Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies (the photos are new, from last weekend) and some exceptional banana bread.

banana bread - it tasted as yummy as it looks!
Of course, we shared our treats with friends, neighbors, and our home- and visiting-teachees.

One (yes, just one) of our flowers has bloomed; the little plants look very funny, as they're all very tall and thin.

our lone little zinnia bloom
tall, skinny marigolds and zinnias, with tomato plants in the back.
We hope everyone else's school year (if applicable) is off to a wonderful start!



  1. When I first started reading this blog, I thought "how amazing that Thomas' mom sang that song too!"; then realizing that it was Lisa posting, I wondered why she should doubt that I sang the correct tune . . . :o)

  2. hehehe :oD I just didn't know if you'd actually known the song!! I'm impressed, that's all!