Tuesday, September 28, 2010

With Friends Like These...

Saturday night, for the Relief Society Broadcast, I decided to throw a little party with some girls I formerly lived with as roommates. Thomas had to work the broadcast, so it was a "girls only" event.

Prior to the get-together, Thomas made sure I would be able to set up my computer with the projector and our sound-system. It appeared that I would be ok, but he asked me if I had a plan B. "Why would I need a plan B? Do you think something will go wrong?"

An hour (or maybe less?) before my dear friends were to arrive, I began putting together our dinner, some yummy enchiladas. Things went fine in the kitchen, and pretty soon I was just waiting for the first arrivals.

My friends began to trickle in. It was close to 6 o'clock when everyone had finally gotten here. 6 o'clock was also the start time for the broadcast. We sat down to dinner and Thomas texted, "Working?" I replied that we were just about to eat, and that I thought we could start streaming the broadcast late.

Well, I was wrong, and a few minutes later, he sent a follow-up text message to let me know that this plan might not work. I quickly worked to set up the computer/projector/sound system so that we could migrate with our plates into the living room. The image was soon projected onto the wall, but the audio refused to play through the speakers.

10 minutes later, with Thomas on the phone, I discovered that the reason for this was that I had plugged in the audio cord to the microphone jack. Oops!

Unfortunately, we entirely missed the first talk, and will have to catch up on Sister Beck's message another time (we did get to hear President Thomas S. Monson speak, which was the highlight of the broadcast for me!). However, the rest of the night went on without a hitch and my friends and I (4 of the 5 of us are now married) got some much-appreciated girl-time!

Thank you, friends, for a fun time!

Not a bad picture, when you consider Kalan (see below) took it! Just kidding - my first attempt at using a mini-tripod and the timer on the camera. L to R: yours truly, Lisa C, Natalie B, Trista H, and Megan R in the front!
Baby Kalan with Mommy Trista - my original room-roommate from Arcadia 1!

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  1. I love it!!! If you see this picture suddenly appear on my blog... don't get jealous or anything... hee,hee,hee! I loved girl time and also seeing people older than 12!!! Jr. High does that to you... ;)